In the sport, Tari and Theo defeat the monsters. They duck inside a streaming pod, where Tari has a flashback of a mysterious scientist, and Theo inadvertently offers their location to Belle by starting a dwell stream. She instructs Tari not to inform anybody, or they’re both busted. Tari apologizes to Masa, saying she has many questions he will need to have; how Massa tells her, they will find that out after she’s secure. They get the arm and drive again to Masa’s place; in the automotive, Masa has an unknown gadget in his hand, presumably used to hack Marco’s robotic arms through the match. The designs for Neo Singapore’s Ashura Gundam and Neo Malaysia’s Skull Gundam were included within the present as winners of contests held by the Kodansha publications Comedian BonBon and Tv Journal; Imagawa expressed regret that these Gundams have been used as enemy characters since they had been designed by younger followers of the anime.

The director worked intently with mecha artists to create these “one-shot” opponents and found most of the comical and eccentric designs very charming, particularly the windmill-formed Hurricane Gundam of Neo Holland. A few of the settings in G Gundam had deliberately utilized location scouting, a way Imagawa realized when engaged in his directorial debut, Mister Ajikko. Across the 40th episode, Imagawa focused on adding a romantic theme to G Gundam’s narrative. For the prison in Neo Russia, Imagawa drew from the architecture of the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, which he coincidentally toured one yr before G Gundam’s growth. A key scene at the series midpoint involving the Shining Gundam’s gold-colored “Super Mode” was inspired by Saint Seiya. Some components in G Gundam have been taken from other anime and manga.

Identically, sure G Gundam character names and their strategies had been drawn from movies, most prominently the Hong Kong wuxia style. Imagawa credits himself for conceiving most of the varied Gundams collaborating in the finals of the Neo Hong Kong arc. Imagawa mentioned that Neo Hong Kong does not possess its area colony in G Gundam, so he wanted to precisely depict the country as one which continues to thrive on Earth. The design crew scouted areas of Hong Kong to depict the area on the show faithfully. The director speculated that it could be difficult, for instance, Hong Kong resulting of its amount of elements, and how he was very glad about the background artist’s work.

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